Blessed BIG Bold Beautiful day !!

Young man with strength and energy

Removing dirt (1)

Removing dirt (2)

Removing dirt (3)

Temperature at nine

Removing dirt (4)

Removing dirt (5)

Off with coat, cap and pants

Adding rock

Bags of dirt for David's land fill


Directly above: Digging out an area for a new cement pad. It seemed effortless for this teenager. ~~ Below: A second project; four large, heavy cement blocks enlarging the area between back of trailer and storage building.

Second project

Four, of five, blocks in place


Temperature at twelve-thirtyBelow: Cement blocks identical to those I laid for my patio. Shifting them around to get them level and adjacent to next block, I probably hoisted about four hundred pounds!!


My helper disappeared

Two down

Temperature at one

The chest will be relocated

Three blocks needed

Five blocks down

Temperature at two

Bleaching ugly stains


Temperature at fiveLate in the day pictures. The Houston TV meteorologist said we skipped Spring and went straight to Summer!!

Square dancingToo tired to go square dancing tonight!!


Late afternoon sunshine on blocks with weights

Weights removed later

Ready for concrete

One comment on “Blessed BIG Bold Beautiful day !!

  1. Deb says:

    All THAT must have made you sleep better!

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