Do it myself !!

So much to do!! Two more caster planters prepared–for tomatoes. No expense; I had everything needed. ~~ “Yes,” I still have pain in my neck and shoulders but “so much to do,” I can’t relax!!


Temperature at six AM

Door open all night

Caster dolly attached to planter

Caster dolly on planter

See the wire support?

Cow pots planters with soil in the bottom

Coconut fiber and organic soil

Ready for a tomato plant


Below: The burlap bag (with plastic lining) was a failure last year. Tomato plant suffered and died!! Perhaps the plant didn’t get enough sunshine AND bag was too heavy for me to move. Nothing fancy… but worth a second try!?


Temperature at four-ten

Repaired handle

For drainage, holes drilled in caster dolly

Styrofoam in bottom Organic soil

Caster family is growing

Temperature at six

Smiley face two thumbs up

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Follow my yard work by clicking on Busy productive day in the garden.

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