*Silly Old Senior!!

Mosquito plant bloomOn March 17th, I discovered a bloom on the Mosquito plant. I get so-o-o-o excited when plants start to bloom!! Especially, this plant because the first time in two years. Maybe I finally have it in the ideal location? I have two plants next to my rain barrels in an effort to deter (what else?) mosquitoes. (Before long, marigolds near rain barrels, too.) ~~ Two rain barrels at corner of patioRead an earlier blog about my rain barrels. (Older picture [on the left] because new image would be unattractive due to clutter and sagging awning.)


March 19th: So pretty, so delicate.

Mosquito plant bloom

Mosquito plant bloom (close up)


April 10th: So pretty, so many.

Mosquito plant many blooms

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