Believe It Or Not #2

My extra busy, extremely talented, handyman arrived about three-ten. I’m so grateful for his help!! I want the concrete pad at the southeast corner of my RV site for my Garden Tower. ~~ “We” worked until dark!! ~~ Then I covered my tender plants again.

Temperature at three-fourteen

Sixteen bags of concrete

Starting rebar


Wire connecting rebar

Framing (1)

Framing (2)

Starting to mix concrete

Mixing concrete

David is so strong

One wheelbarrow to haul bags; one wheelbarrow to mix concrete

David mixing concrete in the wheelbarrow

David smoothing the concrete

Five bags too many

Smoothing the concrete

Flash picture of concrete pad

Temperature almost eight

The next morning; looking good


Smiley face it's a secretThe cost of that little patch of concrete will remain a secret. I’m eager to roll my Garden Tower into the sunshine of that corner of my site. A blessing (or a curse?); my yard is very shady.

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