Cicadas and Tent Caterpillars

Couldn’t sleep last night; I was trying to remember the name of an insect I experienced when I lived in Ohio. I got up and checked the Internet; seems to have the answer when I have a question. Cicadas: That was the name that my memory could not recall. Here’s a couple of articles: Billions of cicadas to invade US east coast after seventeen years underground, and Cicada Mania.

What brought this to mind? Currently, we have an invasion of tent caterpillars. I found several articles on the Internet–dated 2015. “They” were not supposed to swarm again for years but here they are. According to a 2012 article: Mild winter results in … population boom. Well, we’ve had another mild winter and here they are!! Honestly, as I’ve done this Internet search, I think we have the Forest caterpillars. I haven’t seen any “tents” but the silk threads are fascinating. Last night (as I walked to square dance class) the silk threads were a unique sight at sunset.

OK, my questions were answered so I’ll go back to bed (at 4:40 AM). “Good night!!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lawn chair cover

on my doorstep

on the planter

On the cement blocks

On the broom handle

Cucumber seeds planter

Postscript, Thursday, March 31, 2016, 4:40 PM: I just returned from the laundry room  in the adjacent RV Park. OMG!! The exterior of the building is covered with caterpillars!! Just walking from my car to laundry room, the disagreeable little worms were all over me!! The floor was covered with smashed worms because we were tracking them in from outside!! ~~ Thankfully, I have far fewer caterpillars at my RV site.

One comment on “Cicadas and Tent Caterpillars

  1. Deb says:

    Army worms??? Yikes! They eat everything alive here! I hope they don’t munch on your plants.

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