Honor the physical temple…

Honor the physical body (poster)


From your blogger lady friend that abuses her body weekly!! Yesterday, I dragged a fifty pound bag of bird seed* out of my KIA, dropped it on the hand-truck, wheeled the load to the storage building, maneuvered it over the threshold and rolled into location. Minutes later, I dragged a fifty pound bag of planter soil out of my KIA, yada, yada, yada. Later, I stirred a mix of coconut fiber and planter soil, and filled two large planters. Today, aches and pains!! One might say this old lady has too much garden?! In my defense: I’m growing a garden for “eating healthfully,” I’m “exercising,” and I’m “listening to [my] body’s needs.” Today I’ve a less strenuous schedule–because it’s raining!! 😉

*It has been ten days since I purchased the seed and soil. Birds wanted feed…. Too bad handyman David can’t be in a dozen places at once!!

Postscript: Rainy day–so I went shopping!! I browsed Lowe’s for a couple of hours. Then I grocery shopped (for a couple of hours)–and spent $105.00!! 😦

Postscript, Thursday, March 31st: Another rainy day so I went to the laundry room in the adjacent RV Park and did two loads. Now everything fresh and clean!! No in climate weather predicted for the next ten days so I’ll spend a lot of time in my yard–“exercising.” 🙂

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