Home Clean Home !!

In my humble opinionIn my humble opinion, my home needs to be as attractive as the garden. Today my trailer home got a thorough scrubbing. Yesterday afternoon, and this morning, I moved the caster planters, and Garden Tower, a safe distance so they wouldn’t get too much water. I covered the planters with dandelion, lavender, and primrose seeds. The rain barrel was covered with plastic so soapy water wouldn’t drain off the awning into barrels. Hanging baskets were relocated. Of course–after the gentleman departed–I reversed the process and put planters back in their designated location.

Planters moved away from trailer

Planters covered

Sign on his truck

Clean versus dirty (1)

Clean versus dirty (2)

Clean versus dirty (3)

Clean and beautiful

Smiley face two thumbs upHopefully, I have enough energy for square dancing tonight.Square dancing

One comment on “Home Clean Home !!

  1. Deb says:

    Clean is good, especially when somebody else goes up on the roof! I don’t know what he used, but a lot of us use the Gel-Gloss pink wash/wax product that Camping World sells, but I’ve heard there is a similar product available at Walmart.

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