Letter D red with scrollWhile putting away clean clothes, I pulled garments I’ll probably never wear (or never wear again). Our square dance club had to close due to poor attendance (and the “caller” is expensive). I folded several Western shirts into a large bag with decorator pillows, linens, etc. No Red Hat Society in the area (accepting new members) so the purple dress is en route to Thrift ‘n Gift. (I’ve toyed with the idea of ¬†starting a Red Hat Society chapter but haven’t garnered much interest from ladies I know. I started one in Lancaster, California, that was a huge success.) I’m not RVing so this is the second Escapees-logo item to leave my closet.


Goose down coat

Denim jacket

Western shirt with Rhinestone buttons



Purple dress

Red Hat Society shirt and pants


Escapees denim shirt

Escapees emblem on shirt



Two-piece velvet


Green velvet pull over

Long black sleeveless shift


Black sleeveless pull over

Beautiful kaftan


Garment bag in storage building

Best clothes


Western blouses

Bag full


Phone for hearing impaired

Cord winders


This morning I learned a dear lady acquaintance (in the Escapees RV Park) passed away overnight from a heart attack. It is so selfish of me to have unused items in my closet. Tomorrow, I might have a heart attack?! Better to “downsize” so less for someone to handle?! Better to donate and raise a few dollars for continuing support of CARE?!

Pay it forward with circles

The pictures of donated clothing is reminiscent of all my pictures of square dance, and cruise wardrobe.In fact, some of those earlier purchases are among the give-aways.

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