Off to a good start ?!

BinocularsGetting started with Project Feeder Watch? I’m uncertain; still more instructions to read before I start documentation. However, while enjoying my morning cup of green tea, I watched my “feeding station.” In less than ten minutes, four Doves, one Blue Jay, two Cardinals, one Chickadee, and five unknown little brown birds. (And three squirrels!!) Hoping to identify the little brown birds, I searched for my binoculars. Now, that’s a challenge!! I can’t get them focused to “see” the bird. Maybe I’ll have to continue taking a picture and then crop it (to enlarge it) so I can compare with the chart or an identification book?! ~~ Smiley face very happyI’m so happy the birds have accepted the “feeding station.” Isn’t it curious how they avoided it for a couple of weeks??

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