Strange phenomena ?!

No symbol signThis is so curious!! The birds do not visit the feeders on the “feeding station.” Yesterday–and this morning–I watched the feeders (from outdoors and indoors). I observed this detail previously. Then (for a week), the wrought-metal ten-branch “tree” was stashed until opportunity to anchor securely. ~~ Observing nature is so fascinating!!

Dark, gloomy, rainy morning. 

From my comfortable chair

View from my chair


View from the doorConfession: Sitting–watching for birds–I realize how weary I am. I push myself when sunny weather and wilt when confined (weather-wise) to my trailer home and comfortable chair. Still raining at 10:00.

Question: Maybe the birds are keeping dry in the shelter of the nearby woods?


Reading bird booksTwelve noon–after a really disagreeable morning (weather-wise). I’ve been reading… with an eye on the feeders. Still no birds!! However, birds at the mealworm feeder and on the suet feeder (in another location).


Unobstructed viewWhen I returned from lunch, I removed the wind chimes and spinners–for an unobstructed view of the “feeding station.” ~~ A continuous gentle rain has deposited less than half-an-inch in the rain gauge.

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