Extra, extra, read all about it !!

Helping handsOh the joy of an extra pair of hands!! A CARE volunteer named David secured the “tie downs” over the tarp and shelter. That gives me so much peace of mind (maybe the tarp won’t blow away in a major wind storm). The “tie downs” I purchased to tighten the awning did not have a hook on the end (Lorraine purchased the wrong item). David swapped my two for two of his… and anchored them to two trees. I doubt I have another sleepless night with flapping awning!! ~~ David came and went (between responsibilities) so I moved things out of the storage building–and rearranged. David helped with one extremely heavy, awkward, box. I feel so good about our accomplishments today!!

Ratcheting the strap

East side tie downs



Tie downs for the awning

Tie downs for the awning (2)

See the tie down? (1)

See the tie down? (2)

Cleaned the storage building

Able to open the door

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