Rockin’ & rollin’ !!

Awning is unstableEmergency radioA sleepless night!! The trailer was “rockin’ and rollin” and the awning was buffeted by the strong wind. Hour after hour, I was wide awake. Finally, after 4:00 AM, I fell asleep but the NOAA weather radio awakened me at 4:40 with news of tornadoes (but not local). ~~ Fortunately, the tarp is still on the shelter. I have long tie down” straps to go over the top and secure to the cement blocks (prepared last month). Round tuitA CARE volunteer has promised to do that relatively simple task–but he never gets “a round tuit.” (I hate to ask my friend, David Wolfe, because he has so-o-o-o many other jobs.)


Door is rubbing awning

Tarp is still on shelter


Awning is whipping in the windEven as I was preparing this message, the awning was thrashing around in the wind. It has begun to rain–and several inches is predicted.Weather forecast

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