Prepared / unprepared !!

Tomato plantThe Houston TV news announced–shortly after 5:00 PM–freezing temperature tonight for Livingston. We’ve had no previous forecast of that dip in temperatures. I felt compelled to go out in forty-one degree cold and move perennial plants under the shelter. It didn’t take long… but I got thoroughly chilled. The tomato plant came into the trailer.Need to do laundry

I’ve experienced a relapse, health wise, and spent the day wrapped in a blanket, in my easy chair. I need to do laundry!! It is near the door, ready for a trip to the laundry room in the nearby RV Park.

Portable washer

Agitator of portable washerA friend provided a “trailer size” washing machine (Christmas present). It is a quality item that will be used at a later date.

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