Expressing one’s self ?!

“Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self.” ~ Cyril Connolly

From the Internet, here are two responses to that quote:

Sometimes … writing is a journey…and an author composes ‘works’ with the same motives a carpenter builds his constructions with.
Art plays it’s part in all things … and written words are no different, other than they sometimes have a ‘ life’ all their own.
Time and truth and intimacy have made artists of authors who wrote for the simple pleasure of composition and declaration of concepts or ideology’s…
A ‘writing’ that out-lives its composer becomes a heritage, maybe even a society, or a culture, an environment, or an age….
I hope an aspiring writer would write because he loves to do so.

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This answer really spoke to me. I believe writing is an art and its great to be able to reach the public with your craft but I think if one does something solely for public adulation then something is lost along the journey. I write because I love it and not for money or fame or any other reason.

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I heard the quote on a TV program, quickly jotted it down, then searched the Internet for details.  ~~ I write blog messages for my pleasure. Truthfully, I only have one faithful follower. ~~ It is my hope and prayer that–eventually–grandchildren and great-grandchildren will wish to “get acquainted”… and read the messages prepared by Grandma.

Expressing one’s self ?!

3 comments on “Expressing one’s self ?!

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  2. Ann says:

    Hi, Lorraine–
    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been following your blog, too. I am the one who bought the 2004 T@B in Visalia, CA, and asked all of the questions, which you graciously answered. I’m a fan, both of your extended T@B road trip a few years back, and of your current independent lifestyle. I am single and will need to address similar issues myself. So far I’m keeping the house (and the T@B fits in my garage…leaving the truck in the driveway). I don’t think Houston is for me, though–as hot as Central Valley but so much more humid. I have a bunch of cousins on the west coast (and one brother) so they may help to some extent when/if I need it.

    I have to say that I didn’t email you back because I haven’t taken my T@B on a trip yet. I haven’t mastered backing it into a space.

    I hope you continue to do well, and I’ll keep following your blog.
    Best wishes for the new year,

    • Ann, if I still lived in Lancaster (not very far from Visalia) I would suggest we plan a T@B campout together. It would be so much fun to have our two 2004 trailers sitting side by side. We’d have so many curious visitors. ~~ Sincere THANKS for following my blog!! ~~ Wishing you a very happy New Year!!

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