Gotcha !!

Burr cold ladyOld Man Winter is probably getting a big laugh. “Gotcha!!” The last couple of days have been cold–with lots of rain. My propane is depleted; my trailer has been COLD!! Fortunately, I have lots of bedding so my bed is the warmest place in my home. ~~ A holiday weekend is NOT an ideal time to run out of propane!!

Gratefully, I have a portable electric heater (near my computer, ha) but inadequate for my trailer home. Fifty-eight degrees indoors; forty degrees outside–7:30 AM.

Time and temperaturePostscript, 1:00 PM: “Maintenance” came and switched propane tanks. Two of my three tanks were empty!! Fearing there might be a leak, “maintenance” called for a service worker from a propane company to run a test. “No leaks.” That’s good news but that information cost $40.00. ~~ FYI: Because the third tank is almost empty, I’m still running the electric heater. It is sixty-six degrees inside my trailer and forty-eight degrees outdoors. I’m wearing a sweatshirt–and a hat!!


One comment on “Gotcha !!

  1. Deb says:

    Tell maintenance next time you can use soap and water to check for a leak, lol…but I think it’s good to know you’re safe. Shouldn’t tell you I’ve had the AC on all day. But we’re in for a couple of colder nights, soon, I think. Have you considered using some of that shrink type insulation you get in kits over your windows? The view won’t be quite as clear, but it does help insulate windows. You get them in Walmart, hardware, and home improvement stores.

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