Little George Havens’ Cowboy Camp Meeting – Saturday, June 28, 2014

Little George Havens’ Cowboy Camp Meeting – Schedule

Time and temperature


Bacon frying on open fire

Fresh homemade biscuits

Homemade biscuits

Breakfast time

Sam saying a blessing before breakfast

Biscuit and gravy

Biscuit and jam8:45 AM; 79 degrees; overcast and windy. Yesterday I learned biscuits and gravy were served for breakfast. I groaned and said “Wish I’d known; I would have been there.” Just for me, this morning, biscuits and gravy, bacon, and jelly. A very small group… fine fellowship.


Nell (cropped picture)

Nell with message about socks

Time and temperature

My next-door neighbor, Nell, arrived in a special outfit–saying she was so embarrassed—ready to have her picture taken. Short story: Nell supports the Republican party and received the bright-color socks from the senior George Bush. The younger George Bush said—in a letter—that he wanted a picture of Nell wearing those socks. I’m very happy to be the photographer!! Special note: Nell has been a long-time supporter, and worker, at Little George Havens Cowboy Camp.


Recap: The cowboys were ropin’ until after eleven o’clock last night. The wind rocked the trailer most of the night; I didn’t sleep as soundly as previous nights. Eighty-one degrees at 1:46 this morning, Even while I am in bed, insects are biting. First thing today, I was dabbing Benadryl Itch Stopping Cream on welts. Now—so I can face the remainder of the day—I’m heading toward a shower.

On my leg

Under arm

Welts as big as a dime10:10; 82 degrees. After my shower and before I was dressed, I took pictures of three areas with bites (waist band, thigh, and under arm). Suddenly, out the window, I saw a Chuck Wagon on a flat-bed trailer behind a pickup truck. I thought it was leaving and wanted to document…. I quickly got dressed!! No, they were just arriving so I was able to capture the scene.


Chuck wagon arriving

Unloading a chuck wagon #1

Unloading a chuck wagon #2

Unloading a chuck wagon #3

Unloading a chuck wagon #4

Unloading a chuck wagon #5

Setting up the chuck wagon

Double N Cowboy Church logo

Chuck wagon with their church logo

Music before Bible study

Sharing from the BibleThere’s a lot of cowboy activity this morning. Men are rearranging portable fence and “gates” in the arena area (in preparation for tonight’s “Ranch Rodeo”). ~~ Gotta go; almost time for morning Bible Study.


Time and temperature12:30 PM; 87 degrees; overcast; windy; flies are a nuisance!! Like the cowboys taking care of tasks before “breaking camp,” I must do a few things before it gets too hot. I declined going into Coleman for lunch.


1:30 PM, 90 degrees. KIA radiator is full; additional water in T@B fresh water tank. No picture needed to describe my lunch: Organic peanut butter, and preserves, on a whole wheat sandwich “thin,” and Oikos Greek non-fat yogurt with craisins (Ocean Spray dried cranberries). Plenty of protein, IMHO, and won’t upset my stomach and intestinal track.


KIA radiator is full

Time and temperature

Cool and comfortable

Nap time

Fixing fajitas #1

Fixing fajitas #2

Fixing fajitas #3

Fixing fajitas #4

Fixing fajitas #5

Time and temperatureThe trailer was “too hot” so I went to the screened dining area to read. There was a wonderful breeze and very few flies!! Miss Lucy invited me to take a nap in the old house (with a window air conditioner). I couldn’t fall asleep; too many thoughts running through my mind. Back to the screened area after a quick check of the open fire cook area. The men were preparing fajitas—for dinner.


Food on the serving table

Dinner time


Chicken or beef fajitas


Standing in serving line

Doesn't that look good?

Hot pepperThe fajitas were delicious; the cobbler was wonderful. I must confess that I bit into a jalapeno pepper and it was so hot I started crying, and dancing down the aisle to get a large cup of water. It burned…, and it burned…, and it burned!! Everyone got a kick out of my response to that pepper.


Time and temperature

Music at evening worship service #1

Music at evening worship service #2

Music at evening worship service #3


Music at evening worship service #4

Chair away from main tent

Sam Stone preaching evening worship serviceThe music was inspirational; Sam Stone’s message was (IMHO) soul-searching and gut-wrenching.


Time and temperature8:25 PM; 89 degrees inside the little trailer. Two windows, and the door, are wide open; two fans are going. The sun is setting and we’ll have an enjoyable night. The Ranch Rodeo will start soon.


Cargo trailer for Chuck Wagon

Ready to load the Chuck Wagon

Push hard

Push harder

Snug and safeMoments ago (8:17) I ran out to get a picture of a Chuck Wagon being loaded for a return trip to its home church. Not like the old days!! It travels in a cargo trailer behind a powerful pickup truck. My grandmother was the cook for ranch hands during harvest, in Oklahoma. I wonder if her chuck wagon was as nice as those being used here this week. (I’ll never know, but “I wonder….”)


Time and temperature10:25 PM; 85 degree inside; windy and “too cool” outside to stay any longer watching the rodeo. A “wind breaker” jacket would feel good. Interesting… but I “lost interest” because same thing over and over. I can still hear the announcer and I have a picture in my mind’s-eye of what is happening.


Stuck in the mud

Stuck in the mud #210:15: I ran (no exaggeration)) to get a picture of a van stuck in the mud!! All these days later, we still have standing water and mud. The driver had to “rock it” and eventually got out.

Ruts from stuck in the mud

Smiley face with camera(My camera was never very far away from me!!)

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  1. Deb says:

    I’m with you on avoiding the peppers! That wagon being loaded is beautiful!

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