Little George Havens’ Cowboy Camp Meeting – Sunday, June 29, 2014

Little George Havens’ Cowboy Camp Meeting – Schedule

Time and temperature

Folding the inflatable Castle

Ruts from stuck in the mud

We still have mud

Loading a chuck wagon

Loading the chuck wagon

Chuck wagon and tent is gone

Only the ashes remain

Time and temperature

Which is best?

Tent in cook area is gone


9:30 AM; 80 degrees inside; strong wind; bright sunshine. However—even with bright sunshine—I’m sad. I listened for the breakfast bell. None. I walked over to the dining area—with my camera. No breakfast; nobody sitting around visiting. Men were busy working: The inflated “castle” (for the children’s enjoyment) was being folded up. A Chuck Wagon was being loaded. The fire-rings and open-fire paraphernalia were gone—only ashes to mark where they had been. Three big cargo trailers (to transport Chuck Wagons) are gone—the area is bare. (At this very minute [9:45], a tractor is being driven into the large storage building. An extremely large fifth-wheel trailer has pulled up to the dump station and may leave the Camp Meeting shortly thereafter.) During the night, the cattle were loaded and are gone. During the week, this campground was a beehive of activity; now there are only a handful of people doing last-minute chores.


Recently, Nell said she wished she could live this life 365 days a year. I understand and agree. Yes, the heat has been uncomfortable; the insects have been a nuisance. But (in my humble opinion) we crave the comfort of fellowship with like-minded Bible-believing folks; we’re “fed” by messages from God’s Holy Word. We’re reluctant to return to the everyday activities in a world that has become increasingly hostile to Biblical principles.


Pastor Sam Stone’s message (last night) was about “Spitting in the eye of God.” Christians sitting on their hands, allowing prayer to be taken out of the schools, killing babies, legalizing marijuana, accepting homosexual marriage…. (I don’t have to list them all; if you are a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ you know our Nation embraces immorality and corruption.)


In Camp Meeting, we get a taste of what Heaven must be like. We long for praise and fellowship to continue 365 days a year!!


Morning worship service

Music for morning worship service

So few people



Cowboy preacher

Open Bible

Time and temperature


2:00 PM; 95 degrees inside and probably likewise outside. The music was good (albeit too loud for this old lady); the preaching was inspired. “What would you do if a poisonous snake bite you?” was the title of the message. Find the scripture in Acts 28:3 and additional commentary.


I started this day saying I’m sad that Camp Meeting is drawing to a close. Since 9:30, I’m even sadder!! For morning worship, there were only twenty-four individuals sitting in chairs listening to the music (four talented artists) and twenty-three attentive to the cowboy preacher. I imagined the parking lot would be full of cars, trucks, and a bus or two—and the tent would have standing-room only.


Evening worship service

Stage is gone

Singers at evening worship service

Cowboy preacher

The children's tent is gone

Time and temperature8:20 PM; 93 degrees outside; blistering hot inside. The evening worship service is over, everyone is gone; I’m the only one on the property right now. Miss Lucy, Nell, and others have gone out to eat and will return. There were very few attending the evening service; I didn’t have the heart to count.


Loading the folding chairs

Pickup and trailer ready to leave

Sunset behind worship tent

Time and temperature


End of the day; end of camp meeting


Time and temperature

I have a heavy heart; I am very sad!! Look at the pictures: The recreation vehicles owned by cowboys are gone; the trailer with extra restrooms and showers is gone; the chairs have been folded and stored in the red cargo trailer and it, too, is gone. As Nell said, too bad we can’t have camp meeting all year.






Dear Reader: Are you affiliated with the American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches?? Have you been to Little George Havens’ Camp Meeting?? Can you relate to the activities I’ve enjoyed the last eight days?? Will you join me next year (Lord willing) so we occupy every camp site—and fill every seat at evening worship service?? You’ve read about the heat and the insects; this isn’t a “five-star” resort. Put away your electronic gadgets for a week and receive a blessing. ~~ Not a part of the American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches?? Hey, this was all new to me; I’ve received a warm welcome.

Every day, there were activities for the children. (I didn’t think to write about that earlier.) Come as a family and let the children play with the goats and ride the ponies. Let them participate in “mutton busting and kid’s ranch rodeo.”

Maybe you are reading this but live in Montana, or South Dakota, or another distant state (or country) and it is physically impossible to attend. You have a tender heart for “the good ole days” when life moved at a slower pace. You grew up watching Western movies and remember names like Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, John Wayne, etc. You followed television series like Bonanza, The Big Valley, Wagon Train, Lonesome Dove, etc. Please make it possible for Miss Lucy’s dream to continue; send a donation to Sam Stone, P.O. Box 896, Putnam, TX 76469. Sam’s email address:

Pass it onPay it forward with circlesNow I want to make it indelibly clear: I am not affiliated with the American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches. Nobody asked me to take pictures and write about my visit. If you donate…, I will not see a dime of that money. Smiley face thank you (2)I’m a senior lady (three quarters and counting [age 79] ) extremely blessed by this new experience in my life. I want to “pay it forward”; I want to “pass it on.” ~~ THANKS for reading my blog. Sincerely wishing you God’s richest blessings.


God Bless You


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