Little George Havens’ Cowboy Camp Meeting – Friday, June 27, 2014

Little George Havens’ Cowboy Camp Meeting – Schedule

Time and temperature

The mud puddle does not dry up

7:25 AM; 78 degrees; dark and gloomy. As I said in an earlier message, I didn’t want to get out of bed while it is cool and pleasant. I want to stop “time.” All too soon, we’ll have heat and insects.

There are many interesting people here; numerous stories. One woman was born in Santa Anna, Texas, and has lived there her whole life. (Santa Anna about five miles east of the Camp Meeting.) Personally, I have “no roots.” I’ve had more addresses than I can remember; I’ve lived in many states and traveled extensively. Entire families come, annually, to Camp Meeting and fellowship with family and friends. I’m jealous of Grandmothers surrounded by children and grandchildren. (Who knows? Maybe they envy my freedom to travel.)

Wherever I travel, the T@B attracts attention. I’ve had several folks wanting to see the inside (and, of course, I’m always eager to oblige). One lady owned a T@B with orange trim and momentarily (when she drove in) thought it was hers. She regrets selling… and is planning to purchase a Casita. I have the opportunity to share details of my travels. There is no end to the curiosity about what brought me to Texas. (My “accent” gives me away, [ha!].) I’ve “talked up”  CARE and the Escapees RV Club and Parks. Speaking of accents: Frequently a person will say “You’re from California.” I question: “How do you know?” Reply: “You have a California accent.” Then I pretend to argue with them: “New Englanders have an accent; New Yorkers have an accent, Southerners have an accent; Californians don’t have an accent.” However, apparently we do. Texans have an accent; I’m hearing it at Camp Meeting. It isn’t as pronounced where I’m living (CARE) because the residents (RVers) are from all over the nation.

Interesting people: Earlier, I mentioned Ike Akers. His father was famous–and the son followed in Dad’s footsteps until the accident. The business card given to me by Ike says “Donations accepted and greatly appreciated.” Yesterday I gave Ike a $20. bill (for the foot and hand massage the day before). Last night I watched him put it in the offering. 

8:40 AM and, strangely, 77 degrees—one degree cooler than when I got up. There’s a strong wind buffeting my trailer. ~~ OK, I’m on my way to take a shower and embrace the day.

Music for morning Bible study

Sam Stone at morning Bible study

Music at morning Bible study

Morning Bible study

Miss Lucy after morning Bible study


Interesting story (IMHO): Before the American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches started using the site (twelve years ago), Miss Lucy (with others) prepared Camp Meeting meals from this kitchen–in an old building George bought for $300. and moved…. Before that, Miss Lucy prepared meals in the Airstream trailer. (I hope I have my facts straight.)

Kitchen in old building #1

Kitchen in old building

Kitchen in old building

Miss Lucy's Airstream trailer


Time and temperature

Baptize in horse trough

Restaurant in Santa Anna #1

Restaurant in Santa Anna #2

Fried catfish

Restaurant in Santa Anna #3

Restaurant in Santa Anna #4

Double H Family Dining in Santa Anna

2:30 PM and, decidedly, nap time!! Extremely windy so 90 degrees doesn’t seem unbearable. It has been a day filled with activities!! The pictures tell the story: First my neighbor, Nell, suggested we get Miss Lucy and have coffee and banana bread; second: Bible Study; third: we (three) checked the cabins to be sure they are ready for those folks coming to Hispanic Camp (next week). Most recent: Miss Lucy, Nell, Ike and yours truly went into Santa Anna for lunch. I was told “the best fish dinner in the whole wide world.” I took pictures… until another guest insisted he take a picture so I am included. As usual, I argued that “I don’t want to break the camera” (by being in the picture [ha] ). But, honestly, I appreciate being documented with an event occasionally. (Last night I asked Sam to take our picture because I thought perhaps my only opportunity to be photographed with Nell and Lucy.)

Time and temperature

Time and temperature

Darla Stone's prize-winning cobbler



Strong wind

Strong wind and American flag

Appropriate clothing requested

Cowboy Church sign

Evening meal

Iron Dutch ovens with evening meal

Stew, beans and cobbler

Prize-winning cobbler


Time and temperature

Horse trough for baptism

Evening worship service

Music at evening worship service

Music at evening worship service

Praise in the evening worship service

The tent under blue sky


Girl baptized by her grandfather

Cowboy preacher

Cowboy preacher8:25 PM, 92 degrees inside my little trailer. It was equally as hot, or hotter, under the tent for the evening service. I finally moved a chair out were I could catch a breeze. We’ve had a strong wind all day but, for some strange reason, it doesn’t sweep under the tent. Look at the pictures (taken late afternoon) of the flags standing straight out. ~~ Now (8:45) everyone is preparing for “team roping” in the arena.

The noon meal of fried catfish and french fries upset my stomach. I ate very little for supper but wanted a small portion of the stew (but no beans). Too bad I can’t let you sample Darla Stone’s prize-winning Dutch-oven open-fire cobbler. Yum-yum!!

I skipped Miss Lucy’s evening Bible Study so I could listen to the musicians. I may skip the “team roping” because I’m weary from the heat. This isn’t a complaint, just a comment: The heat is awful, the insects would try the patience of a Saint!! I’m extremely grateful for the cool nights and pleasant early mornings. No, I’m not going to “high tail” it home because I’m receiving such a blessing!!

Time and temperature

9:45 PM, 85 degrees inside…. I watched some calf roping but have no energy for this late-night activity.

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  1. Deb says:

    It’s good to see some pictures of you!

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