Little George Havens’ Cowboy Camp Meeting – Thursday, June 26, 2014

Little George Havens’ Cowboy Camp Meeting – Schedule

Time and temperatureUp at 7:00 AM but I wanted to stay in bed hoping to delay the inevitable heat and insects. Currently 76 degrees; 81 degrees at 11:30 last night; 78 degrees at 1:30 AM; 75 at 6:20 AM (I’m a “clock watcher”). Furthermore, looking at the clock this morning (“inquiring minds want to know”), I wondered why the alarm awakened me at 5:00 AM the other day. Answer: The clock has two alarm settings!! (Notice 6:30 in the picture.) ~~ Here’s another bit of worthless information: There’s a skunk in the area.

Time and temperature

Mud puddle

Outdoor cooking

Strong coffee

Iron Dutch ovens9:30 AM; 74 degrees inside the little trailer; dark and gloomy outside; perhaps another rain storm; the shower (as in “bath”) sure felt good. I may have to reach for a sweater because the strong wind makes it feel cooler than 74. Out the window, I’m watching Ike play ball with one of the boys. The doctors said he would be in a wheelchair the rest of his life–but Ike relies on “the Great Physician.”

Sam singing "This Old House"

Young cowboy preacher

Morning Bible study

Lunch11:30; 79 degrees inside the little trailer. Time to fix some lunch but want to document that Sam was singing Stuart Hamblen‘s This Ole House. Later, the young cowboy preacher, Beau Sessums, wove a story about John Wayne (Marion Robert Morrison) into his message, with many scripture references. Beau closed reading the entire fourth chapter of Second Corinthians from New Living Translation. (His message last night was about “discipleship”.)

Time and temperatureTwo o’clock and I was awakened from a wonderful nap because I was too hot (in my sweater), and flies are numerous—and very annoying!! Look, the temperature jumped nine degrees in about two hours. Sun is shining, beautiful sky!! ~~ Maranatha!!


Time and temperatureThree o’clock and 92 degrees; time to abandon my little trailer. Awful observation: The “dump” station is only a short distance from my trailer. In addition to livestock on the property, that is probably one more source for flies.


Ground meat prepared over open fire

Food preparation #1

Food preparation #2

Food preparation #3

Dinner time

Man-size serving of Taco salad

Waiting in line #1

Waiting in line #2

Waiting in line #3

Waiting in line #4

Serving line

Lorraine's Taco salad

Time and temperature

Evening worship service

Cowboys listening to preacher


Warning sign

Riders #1

Riders #2

Riders #3

Livestock trailers #1

Livestock trailers #2


Ready to begin rodeo?

Miss Lucy watching rodeo

Miss Lucy


Miss Lucy, Lorraine and Nell


Time and temperature9:30 PM; 90 degrees inside the trailer. After the evening worship service there was a “sortie.” Hey this old lady doesn’t know a thing about Texas ranch events so folks patiently explained. I haven’t any pictures of the event because too dark. Prior to…, I took pictures of cattle, men and boys on horseback, and pictures of the many horse trailers. Nothing spectacular; just a record of a cowboy and cowgirl activity.

FYI: I spent the afternoon in the screened dining area visiting with the folks who prepared our meal. (A very nice breeze blowing through….) “They” called it by another name but I call the meal “taco salad.” I had a very tiny portion of ground meat and lots of lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cheese. I was near the end of the line and the guacamole was gone. The cherry-pineapple cobbler was delicious!!

Bible study with Miss LucyThen, woman’s Bible Study with Miss Lucy. She is an awesome person; a great teacher; an unsung hero of the faith. She has a remarkable memory at 90 years of age. She advocates memorizing scripture and is a marvelous example. She recites whole chapters with scripture reference.

Cross necklaceAfter the evening worship service, and before the “ranch sortin,” a girl about ten or twelve years old approached me with a zip-lock bag in her hands. “My mother and I make these crosses. Would you like one?” Truthfully, I said: “I don’t have any money with me.”  She assured me they are free and I can take my choice. The first one I picked up has Galatians 2:20 as a scripture reference. I’ve claimed that scripture since I was saved under the ministry of Miss Lucy’s husband sixty-four years ago.

Now, it’s after 10 o’clock and I’m going to bed. The “ranch sortin” continues; I can hear the announcer.

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  1. Deb says:

    Awesome picture of you with Miss Lucy and Nell, and an awesome story about the cross.

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