Little George Havens’ Cowboy Camp Meeting – Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Little George Havens’ Cowboy Camp Meeting – Schedule

Time and temperature Five matches to light burner8:00 AM; 76 degrees inside my trailer. It was 78 degrees at 1:00 AM and 75 degrees at 5:00 AM. Handling the clock (to take pictures), I accidentally pushed the button for the alarm. I was awakened from a sound sleep and pleasant dreams at five o’clock. ~~ Another complaint: Yours truly only left one small box of matches in the little trailer (probably a dozen small boxes “at home”). This morning it took five matches to get the propane burner lite to heat water for instant coffee. Mud puddleThe mud puddle isn’t drying up!! If we have more rain, I may be forced to stay into the following week when Hispanic services are held. I’ve heard Hispanic Camp Meeting is very well-attended. Sadly, I do not speak or understand beyond “no hablo Español” and “gracias.” ~~ “Miss Lucy” is fluent.

Weather informationHere’s a useless piece of information: The little Brookstone “weather” clock must work off Verizon towers. A message keeps blinking in the upper right corner saying “no coverage.” As I mentioned in an earlier message, I have no Internet connection so the details of my stay at Camp Meeting are typed into the Open Office word processing program. (Later “cut”and “paste” into Three Quarters and Counting.) Cell phones are chargingBoth my cell phones are on their chargers. I surmise they were constantly searching for a signal and exhausted their power. Remember when I went to Livingston and no AT&T coverage? I had a lengthy battle with TracFone and wrote numerous blogs about TracFone Nightmare. Out of curiosity, I wonder if people who travel extensively need two phones so they always have coverage. Why do I have two Verizon cell phones? I needed one for my volunteer responsibilities at CARE so purchased (and rely on) the Jitterbug phone. (Gospel truth: Because the phones are on their charger, I just received [at 9:10 AM] a call from a lady-friend at CARE. ~~ (I’m“Gone but not forgotten.”) ~~ I’m told it has rained hard every day since I left.


Display towelNot only is Camp Meeting a throwback to an earlier era, likewise attendees are experiencing a simpler lifestyle. I doubt there is television; I’ve experienced no Internet and limited phone service. Blue skies, fresh air, friendly people!!


The cowboy preachers (to my knowledge) have not been to Seminary; they speak from intense study of the Holy Bible. I compare this experience with my years attending Old German Baptist Brethren Annual Meeting. Likewise my OGB Brethren cousins have not been trained by professors; they have learned from The Creator of the Universe, the Mastermind. “Annual Meeting” is held in a large tent; meals are simple; fellowship is sweet.

To digress: Ten years ago, at this very period of time, I was volunteering at the Brethren Heritage Center in Brookville, Ohio. I had been to Old German Baptist Brethren Annual Meeting in Springfield, Ohio (over Pentecost Sunday). Several years earlier, I published Frantz Families—Kith & Kin; I was well-versed in Brethren history and Brethren families. I was learning library science from a graduate who majored in archiving collections. Prior to his arrival, the Brethren Heritage Center had stored and displayed to the best of their knowledge. I was in “seventh heaven”!! My Class-B mini-motorhome was parked behind the building; an electric line provided power for my little refrigerator; the local sewer disposal plant allowed me to dump my tanks free of charge (the local KOA wanted $15. for each dump). I spent long hours in the Center applying new knowledge to needed projects. Repeat: I was in “seventh heaven.” (I had not begun to prepare blog messages; I can’t provide a link to take you to those experiences. By God’s grace, I fondly remember that period of time.) ~~ It’s 10:10 (81 degrees) and I’ve spent two hours reminiscing and preparing this blog message. Now it’s time to brush my teeth and join the group (at 10:30) for Bible Study.

Praise songs Sam Stone singing "This Old House" Sam Stone with Bible study

Sam Stone, Director of this Camp (under the auspices of American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches) spoke about “peace.” The entire message was inspiring but I want to relate one specific story he told (paraphrased and condensed). A couple of weeks ago his $2,500. prize bull was struck and killed by lightning. Sam doesn’t have the money to replace it. But he was not anxious or fretful, he had peace that the Lord would supply his needs. Several days ago (in his pasture) Sam found a brand-new calf—and he didn’t even know the mother was pregnant. It is a bull calf.


Time and temperature Time and temperature1:45 PM; 96 degrees inside the little trailer. The flies are awful; the heat is oppressive. I don’t know whether I can find a cooler place to sit—and read—but I’ll search.


Lounge chair Foot and hand massage Practice Ike Akers Michael Time and outside temperature8:00 PM: The big tent seemed a likely place to find shade and hopefully a strong breeze blowing through. Shade, yes, but hardly any wind movement. I found the lawn chair and intended to read. However, Ike Akers found me—in “his” chair—and insisted upon giving my feet and hands a massage. Soon we were joined by Michael (and later Charlie) and we spent time sharing our testimonies about God’s goodness in our life. Ike was a champion bull rider; he has many trophies. A horse accident placed him in a coma, multiple injuries, and doctors said he would never walk again. Ike has defied the odds; learned to do reflexology; generously works to relieve pain in the individuals he meets. Confession: I’ve avoided Ike because it is very hard to understand him; the accident affected his speech. I was embarrassed when he would ask a question, expect an answer, and I didn’t understand what he said. Example: “Do you know Clyde? Do you know Clyde?” Spending time with him, this afternoon, was a blessing!! (Ike lives in Clyde, Texas.)

Food over open fire Baked beans Serving line Sausage, beans and hominy Dining area Dining area Bread pudding Cobbler

The first relief from the heat came at supper time; there was a gale-force wind blowing through the screened dining area scattering plates and cups. Against my better judgment, I ate the sausage, onions, and peppers prepared over the open fire (it looked and smelled good). Before 7:30 I was suffering; my body rejects meat. I left the service early. Hominy, and baked beans rounded out the main course; bread pudding for dessert. All prepared in those big kettles over an open fire. (My sympathy to the cooks.)

Men's Bible study Ladies Bible study with Miss Lucy Enjoying the music Fiddle playerGreat singingPraise Guitar player Cowboy preacher Cowboy preacher All those cars and trucks #3 All those cars and trucks #! All those cars and trucks #2 Mud puddle


Time and outside temperatureNotice the pictures with outside temperature. I brought the clock-thermometer back into the little trailer (shortly after 8) and it is 82 degrees at 8:35 PM. I’m hoping for a cool night for sleeping comfort. Eighty-one degrees at 9:00 as I prepare to go to bed early.

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  1. Deb says:

    Ike looks like a kind soul.

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