Mildly discouraged !!

Blue in the faceThe better part of the day was spent doing paperwork–until I was blue-in-the-face!! Even with hours of effort, I still have clutter, and lots to “file” !! But where do I put it?? The biggest frustration was finding the registration and title for the KIA and T@B (safely stored where they should be but finding things [in their new location] is tedious). North Carolina is anxious for my vehicle renewals. I’m trying to present sufficient paperwork so they get it through their heads that I’ve moved and registered in Texas!! ~~ Prior to my move, I never anticipated so much “hassle” regarding vehicles. I don’t recall this kind of difficulty in California, or Ohio. Furthermore, remember I mentioned the exorbitant fees in Texas?? Almost $400. for the 2006 KIA, almost $400. for the 2004 T@B travel trailer, and almost $1,000. for the 2003 Carriage 5th-wheel trailer. Vehicle insurance is a third higher than North Carolina. This has been a very expensive move!! ~~ Tomorrow I’ll get the statement from CARE and it may exceed $1000.00 (expensive “care”).

Still in “recovery”; still experiencing pain. I’m “taking it easy”!! 

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