Mildly depressed !!

The T@B Teardrop Rally is in full swing at Raccoon Holler along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. I made my reservation last year and had every intention of attending. Plans changed; I moved from North Carolina BUT still planned to attend. Every penny of saving went into the purchase of the 2013 Carriage 5th-wheel trailer followed by (unplanned expense of)  major roof repair. It breaks my heart to miss the camaraderie of friends with T@B trailers. But I am reminiscing–and seeing with my mind’s eye–the people and activities because this rally is back at the 2012 location. Details are documented–in pictures–on this link,  and this link, and this link. FYI: You might like to read about After the Rally. (Yes, that’s your’s truly at the 2012 T@B Blue Ridge Rally. ) ~~ You and I can follow this year’s activities on the hostess’ blog titled Postcards from the Road.

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