Still in “recovery” !!

It has been a very relaxing morning on a comfortably pleasant day. Eighty-one degrees outside (eighty-two inside without A/C) as I write this at one o’clock. I’m still “taking it easy” after too much heavy lifting on Sunday. No Aleve today (but yesterday was a “two Aleve” day). ~~ I took the tour of the Escapees Rainbow’s End RV Park as it was the last tour until Fall. I’ve been here almost seven months and was long-overdue for the very informative history, and visual. The mail forwarding facility was a marvel to see and learn the details. More than 10,000 people use the Rainbow’s End address; customer service is paramount.

Tour trolley

Tour trolley (close up)


Headquarters sign

Leaving Headquarters for tour

Inside trolley

Accident scene


Dottie with her rose bushes

Exceptionally beautiful roseThe tour trolley had just reached the CARE Center when I received a phone call (from the CARE Center). Someone wanted to see me. I thanked the driver, and “story-teller,” and joined my acquaintance (standing in the driveway waiting for me). Dottie lives “in the Park” but heard about my garden. She came to visit… and wanted me to see her roses. Off we went in her golf cart, to her house, where I was mesmerized by the dozens of blooming rose bushes. A few short months ago they were in someone’s garden. The house sold and the new residents didn’t want the roses. Dottie and her son, Seth, dug them up and put them in storage over the winter. Less than two months ago they planted the bushes in large pots and, without exception, every bush is loaded with blooms. I was so “mesmerized,” I failed to take a picture of all.  I fell in love with one bloom and remembered to take a picture.

Speaking of golf carts: A cart and driver went over the embankment into the creek shortly before the trolley arrived at the location. We were asked to summon help and direct the ambulance to that remote corner of the RV Park. That particular location is designated for the disposal of leaves and limbs and, understandably, the ground is not solid. I surmise the weight of the golf cart and driver caused it to slide down the hill. The man seemed OK but the ambulance was en route.

Smiley face with flowerI’m home; it’s a beautiful afternoon. There are many things I could be doing in the yard but I’m planning to putter on indoor projects. Notice the operative word “planning.” I probably will be in the yard within the hour!!


Marigolds3:30 PM: Yup!! I’ve been in the garden!! I planted organic cucumber seeds in organic starter soil. Then I transplanted marigolds (from Lowe’s) to a planter that will be a gift for one of the faithful, hard-working volunteers. I’ve mentioned Sam before; he was my team-mate while I was volunteering at CARE.  He volunteers month-after-month. Maybe he will be spared mosquito bites while sitting, reading, in his yard?!

A very pleasant surprise; I’ve been invited to dinner with a couple I met on the tour!! I suggested they “come visit” and she showed up moments ago with an organic veggie salad, in hand, and the invitation to join them and another couple. All are vegans!! This is awesome!! People who talk my language!! The subject never came up on the tour; do I look “vegan”? ~~ We **did** talk about because they have been work-campers with Amazon. Small world!! (Remember, I was hired by Amazon in Campbellsville, Kentucky, in September 2010.)

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