O, what a beautiful morning…

Snow & frost…but O, so cold!! Twenty-nine degrees as I write this at 8:30. Snow remains on top of unheated vehicles and buildings.

Indulge me, please: Sometimes a picture just begs to be captured (IMHO). After snapping the outdoor picture (through the window) I was fascinated by the ray of sunshine striking my little Sony DVD player (well-used the last few days). The CARE Center has a large library of DVDs and VHS tapes (and books, of course). I’ll watch some old VHS after my player arrives from North Carolina. Meanwhile, I’m happy with the “tiny Teardrop-trailer-size” Sony. Look how I improvised a tabletop by putting a board on top of the open drawer?! Prior to my makeshift tabletop, I watched Lonesome Dove with the Sony on my lap. ~~ I can’t get “through the air” television reception and can’t afford satellite. I’m told, cable has not extended this far out of Livingston (six miles). ~~ I’ve “tinkered” with the television–hoping to get one or two stations–but can’t make much progress with my amusing jumbo-size Christmas “gag gift” remote. (The specific unique-features Samsung remote did not accompany the Carriage and impossible to program the TV without it. Maybe I’ll swap this TV with my old TV when things arrive from North Carolina?!) Why is my life so complicated?? ~~ Hear ye, hear ye!! I’m not complaining!! It’s a beautiful morning; I’m warm and cozy; I have the luxury of the Verizon “Hot spot” (so I can access the Internet  from my trailer); and (PTL) I’m going to get a refund from my Federal Income Taxes and won’t have to pay North Carolina Income Taxes.

Sunbeam on Sony DVD player

Closeup of DVD player

Sunbeam on Sony

Jumbo-size remoteSmiley face


Samsung remoteGood afternoon good news: I searched the Internet and found (and ordered) the Samsung remote I need.

Postscript, Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014: Received remote. Eventually, I may subscribe to Dish network for satellite TV. Eventually….

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