Strenuous labor (not) !!

Praise the LordPreparing my 2013 Income Taxes is a priority. I’m treating it like a full-time job!! I’m delighted to report, I won’t have to pay North Carolina taxes, and I’ll get a Federal return.  Why am I telling you this? When my savings were completely drained (a few weeks ago), I actually became physically sick. Seeing a small measure of money returning to my account has lifted my spirits and given new energy. Praise the Lord!!

(Hey, this is serious!! Can you imagine how many receipts I had to save [and package and transport in my tiny teardrop trailer]?? I documented all the donations to Thrift Shops; I recorded mileage to the chiropractor; I listed sales taxes paid. Those… don’t count for Federal but are extremely valuable for North Carolina deductions. When I religiously began to record… a year ago, I had no idea I would be moving to Texas. I’m grateful My Heavenly Father planted thoughts and I reciprocated.)

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