Baby News — Day Two

Monday, July 22, 2013, 7:30 AM: These three babies share the day with news that Prince William and Kate will introduce their new heir to the British throne.

Mama Bluebird on the nest

Three baby Bluebirds

One hungry Bluebird

Two hungry Bluebirds

Two hungry Bluebirds

Three baby Bluebirds







Monday, July 22, 2013, 10:00 AM: While watching TV morning news, and the 700 Club, the fourth baby joined the siblings. “Papa Blue” isn’t far away!!

Not a fourth baby.

Fourth baby Bluebird

One egg remaining.

"Papa" Bluebird





Monday, July 22, 2013, 4:30 PM: The royal baby–a son–was born in London. I’m still waiting for Bluebird baby number five.

Waiting for Bluebird baby #5

Still waiting for Bluebird baby #5

"Mama Blue" off the nest.

Still waiting for Bluebird baby #5.

Baby News — Day Three

Tuesday, July 23, 2013, 8:00 AM: I provide mealworms two or three times a day. The fifth picture gives you a perspective:  Mealworm is about one inch long. Picture #1 & #2 gives perspective of size comparison between mealworm and baby Bluebird. I had the impression the baby was choking on that mouthful. Fifth egg can be seen in lower left. I’ll remove it in a day or two if it doesn’t hatch.

Breakfast is served.

Mealworm for breakfast.

Feed me; I'm hungry.

Choking on a mealworm.

Dish of mealworms.

Large eyes.

Big eyes.

Fifth egg has not hatched.11:15 AM: I continue to monitor the nest. I take pictures but they are quite similar to those I’ve already taken, and published here. I’m fascinated by the size of their eyes which monopolize the head. I’ve read that the babies do not have sight until seven or eight days old. “Mama Blue” just brought a large insect to the babies; imagine trying to swallow that?! I’ve said it before, I’m a novice at Bluebird births, but IMHO “Mama” is really rough on the babies. She forcefully “butts” them around. I have to say, however, this is her third brood for this year so she isn’t a novice when it comes to raising baby Bluebirds. Four fledged in early May; one fledged on June 22nd.  I’ve read that Bluebirds mate for life and I suspect this is the same pair that created three nests in my backyard last year. I concede; she must know what she is doing!


3:30 PM and (earlier today) someone presented a suggestion: Make a video of the nest-cycle of these baby Bluebirds.  So I’ve spent time searching the Internet for information and found Handy-Avi Time Lapse software.  I’m intrigued but also recognize that I have a full schedule (“downsizing” will suffer).

4:35 PM and I just did a very preliminary search on the Internet.  This site tells the story.  More information. Undoubtedly there are others?! ~~ Oh, I should have said “clutch” rather than “brood.”

Baby News — Day Four

Hungry baby Bluebirds

Down changing to feathers?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013, 8:00 AM: Ho hum!! More boring pictures.YawnBabies in nest

8:50 AM: I haven’t had breakfast yet because I have a voracious appetite for more information about Bluebirds. I want to be a good “Nanny” and provide proper care for the babies!!

Up the ladder.

Four baby Bluebirds in the nest

Tiny Bluebird egg10:15 AM: I positioned the ladder and opened the Bluebird house. It’s nice to see the babies in “living color.” See how tiny the egg is?? (No outward evidence why it didn’t hatch.)  

I’m having problems with my Samsung camera. It’s old and perhaps ready for retirement?!

Baby News — Day Six

Mealworms for the babies

Baby Bluebirds image on new TV.

New TV to monitor Bluebird house

New TV to monitor Bluebird house.

New TV & new Canon camera.

New Canon camera.

Friday, July 26, 2013, 6:00 PM: Fewer pictures of the baby Bluebirds today. I had a chiropractic appointment followed by trip to BJ’s for groceries, etc. Specifically et cetera!! I wanted a new camera to document my wildlife. I bought a Canon SX500 IS and have yet to study the manual and arrive at the point where I can take pictures.  Furthermore, I bought a new TV so I can monitor the Bluebird house while watching regular television programming. Remember I missed the hatching of three babies because I left… and was watching the news. Pictures #1 & 2  illustrate the difference between images on old TV and new TV.  I hope to improve the appearance by changing settings. The new TV is sitting on a little stool below older TV. Picture #5 shows new camera on the floor in front of new TV. #6 shows box the Canon came in.

Baby News — Day Seven

Bluebird babies in the nest.

Hungry baby Bluebirds.

Saturday, July 27, 2013, 8:30 AM: Sorry!!  The pictures are poor. I’m eager to try the new Canon camera. I’ve done everything possible to get a clear sharp image on the new TV.

Beginning feathers and eyes are open?!

See the beginning feathers?Saturday, July 27, 2013, 4:00 PM: From my Bluebird literature “Day Seven: First feathers burst from tip of sheaths. Eyes open as slits. Brooding by female stops.” I think I see an open eye on our baby far right. (I haven’t mastered the Canon yet; these from the old Samsung.)

Baby News — Day Eight

Baby Bluebird in the nest.Sunday, July 28, 2013, 12:30 PM. According to my little book titled Enjoying Bluebirds More, The Bluebird Landlord’s Handbook, by Julie Zickefoose: “Day 8-11, eyes fully open. Feathers continue to burst sheaths.”


Bluebird eye partially open.

Bluebird eye still sealed shut.

Baby Bluebird's eye is open.The “eye” pictures seem to illustrate the difference one day makes in their development. The baby with eye(s) wide open might be the first one born just seven days ago. The baby with eyes still sealed might be the last one to hatch. ~~ I don’t know their gender but I affectionately call them George, Alexander, Louis and Diana. They could be Georgia, Alexandria, Louise and Stewart (Diane, Princess of Wales, was born a Spencer). ~~ If you’ve missed the news recently, George Alexander Louis is the name of the new heir to the British throne.

Baby News — Day Nine

Bluebird babies in the nest

Bluebird babies in the nest

Hungry baby BluebirdMonday, July 29, 2013, 8:45 AM: Imperfect pictures, my apology. There is limited space between nest and ceiling of the Bluebird house so pictures are out-of-focus. The Canon is too large to put in the bird house. Breakfast is served.The Samsung still takes good pictures (IMHO) because the mealworms and raisins–breakfast for the Bluebirds–photograph clearly. ~~ Picture of Mama Bluebird on the birdhouse taken with my new Canon.

With Canon, Mama on birdhouse.