Baby News — Day Four

Hungry baby Bluebirds

Down changing to feathers?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013, 8:00 AM: Ho hum!! More boring pictures.YawnBabies in nest

8:50 AM: I haven’t had breakfast yet because I have a voracious appetite for more information about Bluebirds. I want to be a good “Nanny” and provide proper care for the babies!!

Up the ladder.

Four baby Bluebirds in the nest

Tiny Bluebird egg10:15 AM: I positioned the ladder and opened the Bluebird house. It’s nice to see the babies in “living color.” See how tiny the egg is?? (No outward evidence why it didn’t hatch.)  

I’m having problems with my Samsung camera. It’s old and perhaps ready for retirement?!

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