Baby News — Day Three

Tuesday, July 23, 2013, 8:00 AM: I provide mealworms two or three times a day. The fifth picture gives you a perspective:  Mealworm is about one inch long. Picture #1 & #2 gives perspective of size comparison between mealworm and baby Bluebird. I had the impression the baby was choking on that mouthful. Fifth egg can be seen in lower left. I’ll remove it in a day or two if it doesn’t hatch.

Breakfast is served.

Mealworm for breakfast.

Feed me; I'm hungry.

Choking on a mealworm.

Dish of mealworms.

Large eyes.

Big eyes.

Fifth egg has not hatched.11:15 AM: I continue to monitor the nest. I take pictures but they are quite similar to those I’ve already taken, and published here. I’m fascinated by the size of their eyes which monopolize the head. I’ve read that the babies do not have sight until seven or eight days old. “Mama Blue” just brought a large insect to the babies; imagine trying to swallow that?! I’ve said it before, I’m a novice at Bluebird births, but IMHO “Mama” is really rough on the babies. She forcefully “butts” them around. I have to say, however, this is her third brood for this year so she isn’t a novice when it comes to raising baby Bluebirds. Four fledged in early May; one fledged on June 22nd.  I’ve read that Bluebirds mate for life and I suspect this is the same pair that created three nests in my backyard last year. I concede; she must know what she is doing!


3:30 PM and (earlier today) someone presented a suggestion: Make a video of the nest-cycle of these baby Bluebirds.  So I’ve spent time searching the Internet for information and found Handy-Avi Time Lapse software.  I’m intrigued but also recognize that I have a full schedule (“downsizing” will suffer).

4:35 PM and I just did a very preliminary search on the Internet.  This site tells the story.  More information. Undoubtedly there are others?! ~~ Oh, I should have said “clutch” rather than “brood.”

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