Baby News — Day Six

Mealworms for the babies

Baby Bluebirds image on new TV.

New TV to monitor Bluebird house

New TV to monitor Bluebird house.

New TV & new Canon camera.

New Canon camera.

Friday, July 26, 2013, 6:00 PM: Fewer pictures of the baby Bluebirds today. I had a chiropractic appointment followed by trip to BJ’s for groceries, etc. Specifically et cetera!! I wanted a new camera to document my wildlife. I bought a Canon SX500 IS and have yet to study the manual and arrive at the point where I can take pictures.  Furthermore, I bought a new TV so I can monitor the Bluebird house while watching regular television programming. Remember I missed the hatching of three babies because I left… and was watching the news. Pictures #1 & 2  illustrate the difference between images on old TV and new TV.  I hope to improve the appearance by changing settings. The new TV is sitting on a little stool below older TV. Picture #5 shows new camera on the floor in front of new TV. #6 shows box the Canon came in.

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