Baby News — Day Eight

Baby Bluebird in the nest.Sunday, July 28, 2013, 12:30 PM. According to my little book titled Enjoying Bluebirds More, The Bluebird Landlord’s Handbook, by Julie Zickefoose: “Day 8-11, eyes fully open. Feathers continue to burst sheaths.”


Bluebird eye partially open.

Bluebird eye still sealed shut.

Baby Bluebird's eye is open.The “eye” pictures seem to illustrate the difference one day makes in their development. The baby with eye(s) wide open might be the first one born just seven days ago. The baby with eyes still sealed might be the last one to hatch. ~~ I don’t know their gender but I affectionately call them George, Alexander, Louis and Diana. They could be Georgia, Alexandria, Louise and Stewart (Diane, Princess of Wales, was born a Spencer). ~~ If you’ve missed the news recently, George Alexander Louis is the name of the new heir to the British throne.

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