Give me an “E” for Effort !!

Items for a Thrift ShopFuchsia ready to bloomGive me an “E” for effort!! I got many things to the back of the KIA just prior to a cloud burst and thunderstorm!! It is very dark (I have lights on) and I’m listening to lots and lots of rumbling. The rain has cooled things off significantly after high humidity. Already half-inch rain in the gauge  in less than half-hour. ~~  It feels good to “downsize” and get things out of the apartment!! They will go to a local Thrift Shop.  ~~  Truthfully, I spent the morning in the gardens.  For one thing, I was spraying plants to kill (or discourage) bugs.  I swept the patio and hosed it clean.  The transplanted Fuchsia is almost ready to bloom.

Postscript, 4:40 PM: Shortly after I published the above message, we lost power at 3:23. The hard rain has moved away and we only have a sprinkle.

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