Singing a new song !!

100 degrees in back yard.

Patio umbrella repair

Diana & Ash with repaired umbrella


Clear view to bottom of Bluebird house.


Illustration for testing







“Hi ho, hi ho, I’m ready for the show!!”  Last night, a friend from the JAARS RV Park adjusted the focus on the Hawk Eye Cam while I monitored the image on my TV.  Oh how delightful to have an extra pair of hands!! Several days ago he swapped a new “jockey wheel” for original–on my T@B travel trailer.  He also repaired an umbrella for me and I almost just said here that “he took pity on this old lady.”  To the contrary, I think “Ash” enjoyed using his skills, and tools, for my several projects. Hopefully I can handle the umbrella for a patch of shade–on a camping trip.  I don’t have the strength to set up the awning on the T@B.  ~~  In my humble opinion, “guys” have a knack for getting things right in a short period of time. Remember I made at least a hundred trips back and forth from the ladder adjusting the Hawk Eye Cam to the living room to view the image? Ash accomplished in a very few minutes!!  Explanation for pictures 6 & 7: The box is approximately the size of a Bluebird nest.  If I can read the print, I should be able to see “Mama,” and eggs, and babies.  ~~  First picture: 100 degrees in my back yard when I got home from work today.  Much too hot, and humid, to work in my gardens!!  (So I’m preparing this blog.)

This old lady remembers the song from Disney’s movie  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go.”  I’ve altered the message slightly.  Now, I’m hoping and praying that “Mama Blue” will start building a new nest so I can “hi ho, hi ho” enjoy “the show.”

Footnote: Another thunderstorm about 7:45 (just after I took pictures 6 & 7).
Footnote, Thurs., June 27, 5:30 PM: Tremendous thunderstorm this afternoon. One clap of thunder was (seemingly) adjacent to the building I work in.  It really scared me!! Really scared me!!
New Jockey wheel
To the right, photo of old and new “jockey wheel.”

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