More about flowers, less about Bluebirds !!

Beautiful flowers attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies

View of Scarlet Runner Beans from neighbor's patio

View of Scarlet Runner Bean from my patio

baby-bed bed springs as a trellis

Wild Carolina Jasmine at the edge of my yard

Wild Carolina Jasmine at the edge of my yard

Cypress Vine

Cypress Vine

Carolina Jasmine in front garden

Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem Artichoke

#1: Hummingbirds and Butterflies are attracted to the flowers . #2,3,4: Scarlet Runner Bean is prolific!! See the baby-bed bed springs in #4? Obviously not needed as a trellis!!  Next year I may put it somewhere else!! #5 & 6: Native Carolina Jasmine growing at the edge of my yard.  I hope to “train” it on trellis’ and cultivate it from year to year. #7 & 8: Cypress Vine with beautiful red flowers advertised to attract Hummingbirds. Last year the vine was a dismal failure. I thought I’d try one more time. #9: Carolina Jasmine is finally beginning to push out new growth. It was transplanted May 11th, 2013. #10 & 11: Look at the growth of the Jerusalem Artichoke. It is my height, 5′ 2″; amazing growth in two months!

Postscript, 6 o’clock PM: Off topic. We have had extremely hard rain during late afternoon. My rain gauge had one-half inch in less than one-half hour!! It’s quite possible that visitors to Singing on the Mountain at Grandfather Mountain got drenched. Online weather for the area, and Linville, “Currently 61 degrees with chance of T-storm. 30% chance of precipitation.” I had planned to attend but the Bluebirds kept me at home.  ~~ Below is a picture (from the web) of rainbow and clouds over top of Grandfather Mountain.

Rainbow over Grandfather Mountain

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