Bye, bye, Baby Blue !!

Empty nest

Out with the old !!

Ready for a new nest

The Ultimate Bluebird House






Baby Bluebird fledged sometime this afternoon. I was monitoring the nest sporadically (via the TV) as I moved from the front yard to backyard and vice-versa.  It seemed obvious to me (about 6 o’clock) that he was gone when Mama Blue and Papa Blue did not take mealworms into the nest.  As you can see, the Ultimate Bluebird House is ready for a new nest.  (Don’t disappoint me Mama Blue!!)  ~~  Picture one was exploratory, with the camera, so I could see inside the nest.  “Junior” was gone!  Picture two with nest removed.

2 comments on “Bye, bye, Baby Blue !!

  1. Deb says:

    Ah, what a shame the other two eggs never hatched. Are you still putting out the worms? I wonder if they will still come get them, but take them someplace else.

    • Yes, Deb, I’m still putting out mealworms. I haven’t seen Papa and Mama but that is not unusual according to articles I’ve read. It seems they disappear for one or two weeks and then return. But I will continue to put out mealworms two or three times a day. I want Mama Blue to start building a new nest so I hope mealworms will coax her back.

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