Project driven !!

Actually 3:00 PM as I prepare this blog to follow that earlier blog.  Sick–or not–I love to work on “my projects.”  Yesterday (after the appointment with the chiropractor), I stopped at Goodwill.  I bought the extra sturdy Christmas tree stand ($2.), another item for an eventual “air bottom,” and the red plastic box for another bright planter.  Recently, from Goodwill (for $2.), I bought the wrought-iron wall decoration designed to hold glass containers and voitive-type candles.  I wanted the wrought-iron item for a “trellis.”  (“Yes, a ‘trellis’.”)  In less than one hour I combined the two with hardware and wood that I already had.  When the weather breaks, I’ll plant Morning Glory seeds to climb on it.  ~~  Then I moved to an outdoor project: I added another “arm” to the Bluebird house upright wrought-iron pole.  With that accomplished, I removed the Shepherd’s Hook.  I don’t want a squirrel to make a flying leap from the Shepherd’s Hook–and by-pass the baffle–to steal the Bluebird eggs or babies.

In the middle of the night–when I can’t sleep–I’m constructing (in my mind) projects for my backyard.  Now I’ve been invited to decorate an area in the front, too.  The neighbor that has cultivated that area–for years–is moving so I was the logical choice to maintain that area.

The camera is working just fine (Praise the Lord!!).  I gave it a  rest (while attending a mandatory training class between 11 and 12), and I inserted two new batteries.  I wish “this old lady” had some batteries to rejuvenate her!!!!!!!!  Fortunately, it wasn’t “too cold” outside but I was only out for about half-an-hour.  Feeders need feed, the patio needs sweeping, but I limited myself to that one outdoor project.  Gotta take care of my Bluebirds!! (I bought the necessary clamp at Ace Hardware yesterday.)

Christmas tree stand

Drainage holes

Ready, set, go!

Temporary location.

Making some changes.

Making a change.

The perfect "liner" for a metal planter.

The perfect "liner" for a metal planter.The forty-nine cent red rectangular plastic box is a perfect “liner” for a metal planter!!

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