Give me a break?!

Garden flag

Bluebirds waiting for mealworms.

"Christmas" cactus--in March.I’m so sick of being sick!!  The weather is so-o-o-o cold!!  Gratefully, not as bad in North Carolina as many locations across the United States.  Yesterday the wind repeatedly blew over the Spring garden flag. Furthermore, problems with my almost new computer. My old camera doesn’t always respond when I want it to!!  (Just now, I wanted to take a picture of a squirrel eating the bird seed on the pink “squirrel buster” bird feeder.  Yes, it is supposed to be squirrel-proof!!  S/he is hanging upside down so feet are not on the bar that closes the feeder with the weight of the squirrel.  They are so-o-o-o clever!! )  ~~  See the Bluebirds in the trees??  Waiting for the mealworms!!  The Christmas Cactus is blooming–in March.  Many tiny buds on the tip of each branch.  A “Grow Light” for the seedlings.  I couldn’t sleep so took pictures in the middle of the night.  Twenty-eight degrees outside when I took the two pictures from my backyard.  Maybe my last picture with this camera??  (I’ve taken thousands of pictures with the Samsung I purchased–from a pawn shop–prior to my nine month, nine thousand mile trip with the T@B travel trailer–in 2010.)  Age is our Nemesis!!

Grow light on seedlings.

Grow light on seedlings.

Grow light on seedlings.

Grow light on seedlings.

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