Yucky Sunday !!

Planted tomato seeds under Grow Light.Baby tomato plants

Bluebird on feeder"Mama Blue"After writing the blog (below), I went back to bed.  The phone awakened me at 8:40.  I didn’t answer; they didn’t leave a message.  ~~  I’ve had my green tea and read e-mail messages.  I’ve watered the baby tomato plants, and fed mealworms to the Bluebirds.  Raining hard when I delivered the mealworms!! Two inches of rain water in the rain gauge–slightly inaccurate because the gauge is cracked due to a recent freeze. Forty-four degrees according to the TV weatherman.

No, I can’t get that close to the Bluebird(s).  The pictures were taken from inside the apartment–and cropped for these close ups.

Postscript, same date, 1:00: I think the Bluebirds are sitting in the nearby trees waiting and watching for their next feast.  Or they may recognize the “tap, tap, tap, tap” sound of the plastic dish (from the house) against the glass mealworm dish.  Note that “Mama Blue” doesn’t have the beautiful color of “Papa Blue.”  (The last picture from last Summer–before the upgrade to the Ultimate Bluebird House.)


One comment on “Yucky Sunday !!

  1. Deb says:

    I love the picture of the blue bird!

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