Watson (the computer)


‘Twas the middle of the night, cold, rainy, couldn’t sleep!!  I watched a PBS NOVA presentation about the computer named Watson.  I was–and am–fascinated by what I saw.  So fascinated that I felt compelled to get up, wrap a blanket around me, and check my computer for additional details.  Here is the link to Wikipedia’s description.  I’ll check more links.  Now I have a greater appreciation for the genius behind the Google search engine (and Ask, and Bing).  ~~  Have you noticed that I have “a love affair” with the computer??  I love the challenge of preparing blogs, adding pictures, creating websites and building documentation thereon.  Most recently, I have spent endless hours compiling family history on Ancestry.com.  They (Ancestry) must have a super computer (similar to Watson) that finds information regarding an illusive ancestor.  I have an inquiring mind and I’m delighted with the information gleaned from tonight’s late night TV viewing.

Ice on Bluebird bird bath.FYI: I’m still sick!!  I was in my pajamas all day (yesterday).  First it was the accident–in Florida–and then a cold or bronchial infection (which just won’t go away).  Not one of my better months!!  Our yo-yo weather doesn’t help: Very few nice warm days.  I returned (from Florida) to find one-half inch of ice on the water containers in the back yard.  Snow on February 16th.

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