Worthless trivia !!

Garden flagBackyard purchases receiptsFor what I’ve spent on my backyard garden, I could have taken a cruise!! However, a cruise is only a few days; I’ve had one-and-one-half years of enjoyment with my backyard garden. ~~  I didn’t have to work this afternoon; it is extremely cold outside (so I can’t work in the yard).  Although I have mountains of things that need my attention, I spontaneously decided to calculate the total spent on my backyard.  Now I can “downsize” by shredding the receipts (LOL)!!

Last I heard (from the weatherman), last night broke an all-time record for this date.  It got down to 24 degrees!!  We were cautioned to cover our “sensitive” plants–and I did!!  My “handy-dandy” indoor-outdoor thermometer is in the camping trailer so I can’t tell you the temperature at this hour (2:30 PM).  I think the temperature was expected “to hover in the 30’s today.”  And this is the second day of Spring!!  How awful!!  I am celebrating Spring with a new garden flag (just outside my front door).

Bluebird house with squirrel baffle.

Continuing the subject of “worthless trivia,” I was consulting receipts to calculate the cost of the “penthouse” for the Bluebirds. The pole was free, but old, and needed a coat of black spray paint. The awesome Bluebird house–so I can open doors and see inside–cost $59.  The newly installed baffle was $25.; the blue “dishes” (for mealworms) were $15. each.  The hanging bird bath was about $45. (but couldn’t find that receipt) and the “water wiggler” was $35.  I’m not figuring the cost of the cement base disguised in the large planter full of Pansy plants.  It’s impossible to count the cost of Mealworms over the last year (and Mealworms aren’t cheap!!).  ~~  A year ago I was struggling to mount a Bluebird house, and praying I could attract a pair.Bluebirds are starting a nest. I was thrilled when a couple of Bluebirds adopted the house and made two nests.  I’ve spent the Winter feeding them–in hopes they would choose the “penthouse” I have prepared. Last Saturday I was ecstatically happy to see that they are preparing a nest.  I’ll keep you up-to-date regarding eggs and babies.  (Hey, why not check my activities in March 2012? Just click on March 2012–to your right.  Depending on when you read this, you may have to go to your right and scroll upwards to Archives.)

One comment on “Worthless trivia !!

  1. Deb says:

    Mid 60’s tonight at the campground with the Getaways. We’ve been slammed all night with a severe storm, but the worst of it seems to have passed now. At least I hope so, so I can get some sleep now. We heard reports that a tornado touched down not far from here and many were without power, but we were fine, and thankful. We tried to go on your blog earlier with a computer at the clubhouse but couldn’t make the connection. Everyone was wondering how you were doing and wanted to say hi.

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