People are funny !!

Most of my readers are too young to remember Art Linkletter and People Are Funny. The expression came to mind as I glanced at an obituary before deleting it. The obituary arrived late last night, via email, and captured my attention first thing this morning. All I did (“first thing this morning”) was copy the written text and proceed to document it with the individual in my family tree. I seldom look at the supplementary information sent along with the obituaries. I do not know “why” I glanced at it… before deleting it. “OMG!! That’s funny.”  (That’s a copy of my information….)

Today, I went “far and wide” (as I usually do) documenting additional information regarding the extended family. I created an image that illustrates familial ancestry as I saw it today. I spent about two hours researching to correct misinformation. ~~~~ (It’s my medicine.)

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