Hodge podge

Recently, three statements have caught my attention. Last one first: “Possessed by our possessions”  from the lips of one of my favorite television pastors (7:05 AM, 16 May 2022). Second: “Sitting is the new smoking”  by Jesse Watters, a favorite FOX television host (7:00 PM, 10 May 2022). Third: “If something is hurting, something’s wrong”  by the chiropractor, Dr. Scott Hannen, on TBN Christian TV “Praise” (13 May 2022). (Yes, they were so arresting, I wrote them down.)

God, my Heavenly Father, was speaking to me through Dr. Scott Hannen!! “OK, OK, I’ll try to take care of my health.”  In less than twenty-four hours my experiences went from bad to worse; from cramps and pain in the legs, and fatigue, to pain so severe I could hardly move. (Dr. Google suggests Pericarditis.)

This morning, this is the scene that greeted me. I believe there is “a message” but I haven’t the revelation (yet). “Murderer?”

One comment on “Hodge podge

  1. Jimmie says:

    The message is SET THE TRAPS! If there’s one, soon you will be over run. As if you don’t have enough to do, now you have to clean and declutter so they can’t make a home in your home!

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