Thoroughly Thankful Thursday

For approximately one hour, on Monday morning, I reverted to my old habit of genealogy while enjoying my first mug of coffee. (One week without Ancestry was torture.) For Father’s Day, I’d like to give “Mr. Red” the answers regarding his third-great-grandfather. During the night of May 3rd, the dream was so vivid, I arose and quickly scribbled the details (so I wouldn’t “forget”). That scribbled note, at my computer, had been tempting me to “climb the family tree.” On Monday, the search was effortlessand I documented the process with several images. The completed image (below) was attached to several individuals. Here is the comment I added:  One can dream, can’t one? I hoped for valuable new information… The name “James Richard Tiner” was previously unknown to me. Our brain is a miraculous computer and my brain might have “seen” information that I missed.


Furthermore: During the process, I had my first experience with the newly released 1950 Federal Census. ~~~ I suspect the reader is sayingor thinkingthe word spoken by one of my neighbors: “Boring, boring.”   (Yes, he said it twice.)



I may not get “a good night’s sleep” (most nights) but I won’t complain about a busy brain.

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