One small step…

There are so many “procrastinated” tasks that need attention. I’ve felt so handicapped without a reliable phone. So I forced myself to make a phone call to Jitterbug Customer Service. Their recorded voice said there is an extended wait period due to Covid related employee shortage. So I visited the website and filled out a form. Here is the message I sent at 1:30 PM.

I have been very sick for two months and haven’t had the strength to call and complain. #2: For **MANY** months my smartphone has been WORTHLESS!! It will not hold a charge. I paid $40.00 to a phone repair shop for a new battery (about a month ago) and the new battery will not hold a charge. I was planning to phone Customer Service but only 9% battery and the recorded voice said an “extended wait.” I doubt that I could complete a call. I’m 86 years old and I’ve had Jitterbug for eight years for the 5-Star feature (but I haven’t used 5-Star). Perhaps a year ago, I purchased the “wearable” device but it is unusable because of phone battery not holding a charge. It is so frustrating to have service devices FOR AN OLD LADY and they are not available in case of an emergency. I live alone; I don’t have family to help me. What do you suggest I do with your inoperable devices?? ~~ Lorraine Edwards, account # #######.


Seriously, I’ve worried about the limited reliability of the Jitterbug phoneas sick as I’ve been. I’d hoped the “wearable” would be available (hanging around my neck) but it relies on a connection to the Smartphone. Here’s an earlier blog message when I was crying the blues.”

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