Crying the “blues” !!

Rhetorical question: Unsatisfactory “smart” phone or “dumb” old woman?

Numerous times “Mr. Red” (ownermanager of this RV Park), has come to my door asking if I’m OK. He tried to call and my Jitterbug phone went directly to voicemail. I assured him the phone had been on the charger. On one occasion I told him I’d already talked on the phone that morning. If I take the time to go back through my blog messages, I’ll find references to “it doesn’t hold a charge.” On Tuesday, Jan. 4th, Mr. Red took my phone to four battery and/or phone repair shops. No battery available!! One shop is ordering… and will advise Mr. Red when it is availableand he will take my phone to the shop.

Confession:  This old lady was perfectly happy with a “dumb phone” (flip phone). The original purchase was eight years ago to take advantage of “5*” (which I have never used). In further interest for my health, a year ago, I purchased the Wearable” and it only works with their smartphone.” I use a minimum of the Jitterbug Smartphone features but believe I understand the phone. Gospel truth: I’ve faithfully worn the Wearable on the lanyard and it has rarely been “on” (and I believe I have followed the instructions exactly).

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