Tout de suite !!

Occasionally, my mind brings words to my remembrance. I spent several years living in Paris, France, and learned enough of the language to survive. Today, “tout de suite”  is uppermost in my mind. No, I’m not thinking about Ancestry or “climbing the family tree.”  I want resolution for my sleep problem–and I want it immediately. Today is spectacularly worrisome because I want to sleep all day. I don’t want to leave my comfortable chair. I forced myself to prepare a salad for lunch; I forced myself to prepare “clip art”and picturesfor this message; I forced myself to sit at the computer. It’s a BEAUTIFUL day and I could be working in the carport, and storage, on my downsizing projects.

Postscript 6:20 PM: The weatherman says today’s high temperature broke all recordsall the way back to 1938. A “cold front” is coming and freezing temperatures soon. “Yoyo weather”!!

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