Extraordinary day ?!

“No,”  I didn’t go with my neighbors to Magnolia. I wanted to go but that area has a reputation for crowds of people. I am so wary of the Coronavirus; I don’t want to risk being exposed. Instead, I did two loads of laundry. I enjoyed homemade vegetable soup for lunch. “Extraordinary day”  because Waco temperature reached eightytwo degrees and tied the previous record for high temperature on December 9th. Dumb Lorraine (?) running the dryer–and heating soupon a hot day!!  ~~~ I spent time exploring a way to make my bed “better” so I might enjoy a good night’s sleep. (1) The air mattress received a little more air, (2) my decadesold Nikken mattress topper was added, and (3) a “Mickey Mouse” effort to elevate the head of my bed. ~~~ It has been suggested that I spend “too much time on the computer.” Last night, I watched a Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel–while sipping Sleepy Time tea.




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