This recently-received obituary is a goldmine of information!! I’ve been documenting for five-and-one-half hours and I’m not finished. The families are intertwined and one name led to another, and another. Many of the progenitors were already in my Ancestry database. There’s never a stopping point. (Can I stop for breakfast and/or lunch now?) The dearly departed is the father-in-law of my fifth cousin. Frankly, the more I document… the man may be one of my cousins. It’s a matter of connecting the links.


GOLD NUGGETS: Marlan is survived by three siblings; Rich Jamison, Ron Jamison, and Dyann (Jamison) Armstrong; and his daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Daughter Marla and (Ray) Hawbaker and grandchildren Michael and (Stephanie) & Brogan Hawbaker; Keith & (Tara), Pierce & Grey Hawbaker; Meagan and (Mike) Beesley; Riley and (Sarah), Brynn, Morgan, Ryker & Declan Hawbaker; Toby and (Kaylyn), Weston & Garrison Hawbaker; and Audrey Hawbaker. Daughter Deb and (Jeff) Bauman and grandchildren Abbie and (Joel), Eve, Lily & Ila Miller; Jesse and (Alisha), Tia, Adri, Miles & Eden Bauman; Lindsey and (Karl), Maddox, Zuri & Isaac Bucher; Judah and (Amy), Justus & Everett Bauman. Daughter Jill and (Greg) Custer and grandchildren, Carly and (Taylor) & Hannah Frey; Annabel Custer & Slade Custer.


I need to be four people!! The past three days, I have worked with four (or is it five?) different branches of the tree. Two individuals contacted me and (obviously) I had to provide information.  Frankly, I found my information needed expanding so time spent on that endeavor. Last night, I couldn’t sleep because I continually thought of “loose ends” and crept out of bed and wrote a note to myselfso I wouldn’t forget. ~~ It was a cold night but a beautiful day. I should be outdoorsin the carportworking on “downsizing.” ~~ But I’d rather “climb trees.”

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