Purpose driven life

The title is borrowed from the book titled The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. Today, I accomplished a “purpose” I’ve planned for ten months. When I took pictures–last year–of the Christmas decorations project, I “knew” I’d print the pictures before we decorate this year. The discussion has begun and we will start soon. “Yes,” folks have photos on their SmartPhone but “this old lady” loves an album. ~~~~ This blog message was ready for publication at 6:40 PM, Friday, 29 Oct 2021, but “this old lady” refrained from publication (until a later date) because the album is a gift for the kind, thoughtful, considerate, generous owner-manager of this RV Park. I didn’t want him to read this before gift-giving time.


The marvels of electronics. These little gizmos contain dozens of pictures. ~~ Click on the pictures (above) for better viewing.

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