Yesterday, I confess I “sit a lot.”  (Grammatically incorrect? I wanted it to off-set Sit a bit.”) My weed-pulling wore me out!! This is my journal and I gotta be honest. I can’t just sit in my easy chair watching TV; I have to “keep busy” while sitting. Yup, I was at the computer doing genealogy. I received an email message telling me a cousin died earlier in the day in an auto accident. I began documenting Ralph Garber. Now, more information than you want to know(?): In my large database, I did not have Ralph or his father and mother (but I “knew” the surnames). An “start from scratch” search provided the desired information. From there… I had all the ancestors. See the green leaf? Now I need to go back and document the additional information. Furthermore, I document the details for the people you do not see: Spouse, children, and siblings. (More than you want to know?!)

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