Attitude of gratitude

My computer is “alive and well.” Last night we had a severe rainstorm that plunged our homes into darkness–twice. The second time, my computer went out like 4th of July fireworks. I had my fingers crossed this morning when I pushed the “on” button on the computer.

Yesterday, “Mr. Red” and another RV Park resident spent time–and energy–establishing lighting for my carport. Folks, here, are so good to me. The prior evening, a resident brought me a home-cooked dinner.


Our “helper young man” was trimming trees and it inspired me to start trimming the Crepe Myrtle bush. “Started” but completion for another day. ~~ After our rainstorm, I’ll spend some time (today) pulling the grass and weeds in the designed-to-be-a-flowerbed area.

“Attitude of gratitude” because three “cousins” contacted me yesterday. One is appreciative of the box of genealogy I sent. Two DNA “cousins” have access to information about their ancestry.


I smiled from ear to ear while looking at a dozen picture jokes sent by a cousin (the recipient of the box of genealogy). This picture describes Lorraine (don’t you think?). My stories have sidetracks!


“SIDETRACKED”  by this email message from Ancestry. Obviously, I had to explore the hints.

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